4 Makeup Steps That Have The Biggest Impact

What would you say if we told you there are only 4 makeup application steps you need to know so you feel beautiful every day?! 

As a portrait artist, our founder, Deborah, discovered that there are only 4 makeup application techniques that have the biggest impact on the face. These 4 steps allow you to easily define your bone structure and brighten up your smile, without masking your beauty or creating a look that is not you.

“TIM™” is an acronym for “This Is Me.” At TIM™ Makeup Co.,  it is our passion to help women let their beauty and confidence shine. With the TIM™ Makeup Technique, you will learn the 4 simple makeup application steps that will take you less than 5 minutes every morning. You will be amazed at how simple makeup can be! 

What are the 4 TIM™ Makeup Steps?

The 4 key steps in our TIM™ Makeup Technique focus on highlighting your eyes, face, bone structure, and lips.

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We’ve all heard it before… the eyes are the focal point of your face. Your eyes are the first thing people are drawn to, whether they are meeting you for the first time or have known you for years. Therefore, the first step of the TIM™ Makeup Technique involves defining and opening the beautiful shape of your eyes.


Smooth, glowing skin is always on our minds. In the second step of the TIM™ Makeup Technique, Deborah will show you how to easily apply a tinted moisturizer to create an even skin tone. We believe a tinted moisturizer gives you enough coverage without making you look dry like a liquid or powder foundation can do.


These days a lot of makeup artists have taken the concept of “contouring” to the extreme. So much so that most women get overwhelmed, and frankly terrified, by the thought of learning how to contour their face. However, we are here to let you know there is nothing to be afraid of! During the third step of the TIM™ Makeup Technique, you will learn our simple contouring technique. You simply apply bronzing powder to 3 key areas of the face in order to define your bone structure and create more of an oval shaped face. No matter your age, you have a beautiful bone structure to show off!


The fourth and final step of the TIM™ Makeup Technique is using a lip stain and gloss to brighten your lips. Deborah always recommends wearing a lip color that is brighter than you are normally used to wearing because brighter lips will actually make your eye color pop! And as we reminded you earlier, your eyes are the first things others focus on when they look at you, so the brighter your eyes are, the more radiant you will look and feel!

Experience The TIM™ Makeup Technique For Yourself

We hope you are excited to learn how simple makeup can be and invite you to try the 4 TIM™ Makeup Technique steps that will have the biggest impact on your appearance!

With the purchase of our TIM™ Makeup Technique you will learn how to do your daily makeup routine in just 4 steps, 5 minutes and with only 6 makeup products from the comfort of your own home. The result… beautiful, natural looking makeup so you can show the world “This Is Me!”

Chris’ TIM™ Story

“I was never one who practiced the fine art of makeup application. It was all too complicated and time consuming and it never looked natural. TIM was my solution to looking terrific with little time and effort. The tinted moisturizer is not heavy but gives excellent coverage. It looks natural and feels like you are not wearing makeup at all! I love it!”

Chris - Rochester, NY

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Deborah Netti