How Does The TIM Technique Make You Feel?

In their first vlog, Deborah and Deanna sit down to talk about how wearing the universal TIM Technique makes them feel. The TIM Technique teaches 4 steps that have the greatest impact on the face. When you apply the TIM Technique in the morning, you will feel great all day long. 

The TIM Technique is only 4 steps, takes 5 minutes and 6 products! And… It’s UNIVERSAL - it’s the same products, same steps and same colors on EVERYONE!

The Evolution of the TIM Technique

Thirty years ago, Deborah and Deanna had a company called Jumelle Makeup.  At this time, they did a lot of makeup applications and lessons. However, back then they had 20 – 25 steps!! Fast-forward 10 years; Deborah created a company called Viva La Face in which she narrowed down the technique to 10 – 12 steps. Since then, Deanna has encouraged Deborah to create an even more simplified makeup technique for women of all ages. Now, today, our makeup technique includes just 4 steps and is so impactful for all women! The 4 steps include:

Step 1 – Eyes

Step 2 – Face

Step 3 – Bone Structure

Step 4 – Lips

Learn more about why these 4 steps are all you need to highlight your beauty.  

This Is Me!

Two years ago, TIM Makeup Co. was founded. TIM is an acronym for THIS IS ME!!!! Deborah and Deanna realized that the time was finally perfect for a company like TIM – we are all starting to think more minimally and we are all busier than ever. And a lot of women aren’t wearing makeup because it takes too long to put on or they are overwhelmed by the vast choices out there. The TIM Technique makes makeup simple so you feel inspired to do it every morning and feel great all day long.  

As a portrait artist, Deborah sees the face very differently than most makeup artists see the face. Her vision is to always give the facial features definition without looking like you added something. For example, in Step 1 of the TIM Technique, the goal of applying eyeliner is to subtly make the lashes look fuller. It is such a different way to look at why you are doing your makeup every day.  

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How does the TIM Technique make you feel?

“I love presenting my best self to me and to anyone else that I come into contact with. I like to look vibrant and happy. I really do it for myself more than anyone else. When I catch a reflection of myself, I smile at myself because I feel like I look good.” -Deborah

“No matter how much time I have in the morning, I am still going to do my makeup because it only takes me 5 minutes and it is going to last all day. I do it for me because it’s the 5 minutes I spend looking in the mirror and feeling good about the way I look. We are usually our own worst enemies. So being able to do this ritual every day, look at yourself in the mirror, and really appreciate your beauty – it makes you feel good! When you do something every day that makes you feel really good, everyone you come into contact with feels the positive, uplifting vibes too!” -Deanna 

Are you ready to feel great every day?

We encourage you to start taking 5 minutes to yourself every morning to focus on preparing for the day ahead; both mentally and physically. You deserve to look good and feel good every single day!


If you are ready to experience the TIM Technique for yourself, check out our digital products so you can learn the 4 makeup steps at home!

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If you are ready to try it all, the TIM Makeup Kit includes all 6 products and 3 brushes, as well as the TIM Technique video and face chart.


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