Why are people calling TIM Makeup Co MAGICAL?

Deborah and Deanna, the co-creators of the universal TIM Makeup Co, created the company to help you express who you truly are! TIM is an acronym for “This Is Me”!

The universal TIM Makeup Technique and Kit only require 4 steps, 5 minutes and 6 products. It’s hard for people to believe, but it’s the same products and the same colors on each and every woman!

Our TIM Kit covers a broad range of ages; we’ve done the TIM Technique on young ladies at 14 years old all the way to over 80 years old. It’s the same products, colors and technique on all of them, and people are calling it MAGICAL!

TIM Makeup Co is Magical

It is MAGICAL!!! Because no one in the beauty industry has ever simplified and unified the process and products of makeup before like TIM Makeup Co has done.

With over 30 years of experience, Deborah and Deanna have helped thousands of women gain the confidence to put on their makeup every day. Over this time, it has always been their goal to teach women how to be their own makeup artists so that they know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Women today want simplicity and minimalism in every aspect of life. The TIM Technique – 6 products, 5 minutes, 4 steps – does exactly this. Our technique comes from 30 years of teaching and simplifying our concepts and makes the biggest impact on your face.  

“As a portrait artist, I want the focus to go to your iris. I want you to feel really good when you see your image in the mirror. Achieving this can be very simple. The beauty industry really confuses us because there are so many choices. So we have taken everything and simplified it.” - Deborah

Experience the TIM Technique

When you look at the TIM Technique Before & After Gallery, you can see for yourself how the same colors and technique look on a variety of different women. What surprises most people is how our lip color looks perfect on everyone. You truly have to experience it for yourself!

Are you ready to feel great every day?

We encourage you to experience the magic of the TIM Technique for yourself! If you take 5 minutes to yourself every morning to focus on preparing for the day ahead, you will be amazed at how great you feel throughout the entire day.

Feeling great is all about RITUAL, MINIMALISM and SUSTAINABILITY.

If you are ready to experience the TIM Technique for yourself, you will love our digital face chart and tutorial video so you can learn the 4 makeup steps at home!

TIM Technique - face chart and video.png

If you are ready to try it all, the TIM Makeup Kit includes all 6 products and 3 brushes, as well as the TIM Technique video and face chart.


Join the #ThisIsMe Movement!

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Deborah Netti