Your mirrored reflection is not how you look, it’s how you FEEL!

Deborah Netti, creator of the TIM Technique

The other day I looked at myself in the mirror and I noticed that my eyelids looked hooded. Most days, my eyes are very sculpted with the brow bone visible. After noticing the difference, instead of going into the downward spiral of thinking that I looked old and ugly. I decided to ask myself what I may be needing, I realized that my eyes were telling me that I was a little dehydrated.

Simple, right? Kinder, right? So, I asked myself what is the easiest way I know to hydrate. I really enjoy coconut water and it’s a great hydrating fluid. After a couple of glasses of coconut water - and within an hour or so – my eyelids came back into their normal shape.

If we’re willing to see it from a different perspective, our mirror image can tell us so much about ourselves. And, If we are honestly and lovingly looking at our image, without criticism, we can see what our bodies are trying to communicate to us. The tricky part can be reading the signs without judgement and to just notice. On the days where you’re really rested and all is going well in your life… you may look at yourself in the mirror noticing your eyes sparkle and that your smile feels effortless…those are the days we celebrate! On the days when we look in the mirror and we feel critical of our reflection, ask yourself what is it that I need today? What am I lacking? How can I take care of myself today? The answer could be as simple as taking a bubble bath, taking a walk in nature, sitting in your backyard, giving yourself a natural facial, anything that feels nurturing and loving for yourself.

So, in closing I want to ask…”Mirror, Mirror, What do YOU need?”