Deborah’s journey and life experience

Deborah Netti, teaching the tim makeup technique.

Meet Deborah Netti

Creator of the TIM™ Makeup Kit and Technique

At the age of 19, Deborah Netti purchased a one-way ticket from Rochester, New York, to Houston, Texas. She made the move with two suitcases and thirty dollars in her pocket. With a background in art as a portrait artist, she started offering makeup services for the modeling industry.

Six years later, she moved back to Rochester to be closer to her family and twin sister. Together, Deborah and her sister started offering makeup services for weddings and special events. Again, Deborah employed her experience as a portrait artist to use makeup to highlight her client’s best features, starting with their eyes. She found that with just a few simple techniques, the women she worked with loved the way they looked.

So Deborah started giving private makeup lessons. At first, she went door-to-door to share her techniques. Soon she opened Jumelle Cosmetics, a studio offering brow sculpting, skincare services, and makeup application and lessons.

Over the years, Deborah has honed her skills and discovered that only four makeup techniques are needed to have the biggest impact on the face, especially for older women. Now, with the creation of TIM™ Makeup, she is excited to share her makeup tips with you, and women all over the world.

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