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It's your time to meet TIM

TIM Makeup Kit and TIM Technique

We believe there is nothing more important than feeling great..

Our intention is not to just sell our makeup products, but rather to share our makeup ritual with you. Through her experience as a portrait artist, TIM™ Creator, Deborah Netti discovered the four makeup techniques that make the biggest impact on a woman’s facial features. And that is what TIM™ Makeup is about—YOU; sharing your soulful beauty to the world around you and connecting to who you truly are, your authentic Self!

Imagine how it would feel to see your reflection and to really love what you see every day. Begin to see your true beauty—who you really are. Let TIM™ help you connect to your true essence.

TIM — This Is Me!

The purchase the TIM™ Makeup Kit includes the TIM™ Makeup Technique Instructional Video and TIM™ Makeup Face Chart with step by step instructions.

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TIM™ Makeup Workshops

It’s your time to meet TIM™


 Twins Revolutionizing the Makeup Industry

Deborah Netti and Deanna Netti Cahill


Join the women who are using TIM™ Makeup and Technique and become a part of the TIM™ Movement. Connecting to who you truly are, your soulful beauty.


What TIM™ Makeup Company customers are saying about our approach to makeup


“As I have aged, I don’t know how to do my makeup as an older person. I just want that natural look. When I looked at the TIM™ before and afters it looked like all those ladies were just glowing and that’s how I want to look!” -Annie


“I used to wear a lot of foundation, concealer, and powder. It took me a little while to get used to just using the tinted moisturizer, but now I love how it looks and my face doesn’t feel or look caky at the end of the day. Most importantly, I love how easy TIM™ is to use!”


“After practicing the TIM™ Technique I found that I started wearing makeup every day. Before I learned the TIM™ Technique, I was baffled about what makeup to use let alone how to apply it! Now, life is much easier and I am confident that I look great.” -Becky

“In my experience, somewhere in my mid 50’s I became invisible. But the TIM™ Makeup Technique counters that! I get more attention with my makeup on, I’m no longer invisible!” -Catherine


“It is a delight to sit down in the morning and use the TIM™ products and practice the TIM™ Technique. Having a busy schedule, it gives me the 'me time' I need to reassure me that I am put together for the long day ahead.” -Monica


“This is the easiest way to put on eyeliner. It’s the one thing that was always impossible to apply, so I never bothered. Now I do my eyeliner every day!” -Jessica


“I was a product of the hippie days where we rebelled against makeup and now because of the TIM™ Makeup Event I am a believer!” -Catherine


TIM™ Retail Locations

We invite you to experience the TIM™ Makeup Technique and Products at our flagship locations in Rochester, NY.


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