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TIM Makeup Kit and Technique

At TIM™ Makeup Co., we believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful every day. With the purchase of the TIM™ Makeup Kit you receive access to the TIM™ Makeup Technique Face Chart and TIM™ Makeup Technique Video.

4 steps, 5 minutes, and 6 products.

The TIM Kit makeup products.

Twins Revolutionizing the Makeup Industry

Deborah Netti and Deanna Netti Cahill


Join the women who are using TIM™ Makeup and Technique and be a part of the TIM™ Movement


What TIM™ Makeup Company customers are saying about our approach to makeup


“As I have aged, I don’t know how to do my makeup as an older person. I just want that natural look. When I looked at the TIM™ before and afters it looked like all those ladies were just glowing and that’s how I want to look!” -Annie


“I used to wear a lot of foundation, concealer, and powder. It took me a little while to get used to just using the tinted moisturizer, but now I love how it looks and my face doesn’t feel or look caky at the end of the day. Most importantly, I love how easy TIM™ is to use!”


“After practicing the TIM™ Technique I found that I started wearing makeup every day. Before I learned the TIM™ Technique, I was baffled about what makeup to use let alone how to apply it! Now, life is much easier and I am confident that I look great.” -Becky

“In my experience, somewhere in my mid 50’s I became invisible. But the TIM™ Makeup Technique counters that! I get more attention with my makeup on, I’m no longer invisible!” -Catherine


“It is a delight to sit down in the morning and use the TIM™ products and practice the TIM™ Technique. Having a busy schedule, it gives me the 'me time' I need to reassure me that I am put together for the long day ahead.” -Monica


“This is the easiest way to put on eyeliner. It’s the one thing that was always impossible to apply, so I never bothered. Now I do my eyeliner every day!” -Jessica


“I was a product of the hippie days where we rebelled against makeup and now because of the TIM™ Makeup Event I am a believer!” -Catherine


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We invite you to experience the TIM™ Makeup Technique and Products at our flagship locations in Rochester, NY.


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