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Meet the TIM Makeup Company Founders

Deborah and Deanna, TIM Makeup Company Founders

At TIM™ Makeup Company, we believe every woman deserves to see and feel their beauty every day, every time they see their reflection, whether in the mirror or a photo. We are so excited to share our 4 simple makeup techniques with you! These 4 techniques only take 5 minutes and require just 6 products.

Our story and the history of TIM Makeup

In 1987, Deborah and Deanna began teaching makeup techniques, developed by Deborah as a portrait artist, to women who were searching for a natural look in makeup.

Having worked in the modeling industry in Houston Texas and creating runway and fashion looks on thousands of women of all ages, Deborah discovered the effect that makeup products can have on a woman’s features.

Deanna’s background was as a Makeup Artist, a Trainer, and Promotions Manager for East Coast and Upstate New York department stores, where she trained with some of the world’s largest cosmetic companies (Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden and Jacqueline Cochran). During that time, she realized that these companies use our vulnerabilities to sell us products we don’t need.

She and Deanna were the only makeup artists (and the only cosmetic company) at the time showing women how to use makeup to define their features — not cover them, or fix them, or try to create someone they are not.

Fast forward to 2017, after having taught their techniques to tens of thousands of women, they reached a point in life where they were seeking simplicity and minimalism, and realized there were just four makeup techniques that made the biggest difference on our faces.

So together, Deborah and Deanna created The TIM™ Universal Makeup Kit with only 6 products, a 4 step ritual that takes only 5 minutes. (That’s all you need!)

“TIM” is an acronym for “This Is Me.” This is who I am! 

The result...a natural look that allows people to see YOU, not your makeup.

TIM Makeup Eye Kit
Applying TIM eye makeup

TIM Makeup Face Kit
Applying TIM Mineral Sheer Tint makeup

TIM Contour Kit
Applying TIM Contour makeup

TIM Lip Kit
The completed TIM Makeup look