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TIM Makeup Recycling Program

TerraCycle accepts packaging with only 50% of the products in the package (compact, tube, etc.). So be sure to remove any excess product from the packaging you wish to recycle.

TIM Makeup Co. & TerraCycle

As part of our commitment to teaching and practicing sustainable beauty, TIM™ Makeup Co. is a proud partner of TerraCycle. At our TIM Makeup Co. retail location, we have the Zero Waste Box by TerraCycle. It is the first of its kind recycling solution for beauty product waste. All you need to do is bring your old or unwanted makeup packaging to our retail location, offer a small donation and we will take care of the rest!

TIM Makeup Co.
3025 Monroe Ave, Suite 103
Rochester, NY 14618
(585) 271-2950

It’s time for us all to take some responsibility!

We are all well aware of the impact that we have on the environment, and we know you want to do your part to make a difference. Together with TIM Makeup Co. you have the opportunity to recycle your old makeup products to help reduce the environmental impact of your beauty routine. Whether you have just a couple of old makeup products to recycle or over 50 items, everything we recycle will help!

So we encourage you to go through your makeup drawer and anything you haven’t touched in six months or longer (yes, even that hot pink lipstick you think you will wear every summer but never do) and bring it to us, or if you are not local send it to TerraCycle.

Order your recycle box here

See why women are saying Wow when they experience TIM for the 1st time! It’s only 4Steps, it can be done in 5Minutes and it’s only 6Products.

Diane's heartfelt testimony in which she shares why she loves TIM. Get your tissues ready. And feel her happiness.

TIM is for all ages and a wide range of skin tones.
4 Steps. 5 Minutes. 6 Products.

We use the same products, the same techniques on everyone. Only three tone variations for Step 2, Tinted Moisturizer. It’s easy to find the right color with just three choices: FairGlow, NaturalGlow, and SunGlow (Light, Medium, and Deep).

From fair skin tone to light brown skin tone. From teen to ageless. TIM is for everyone.

The TIM Makeup Kit

4 Steps. 5 Minutes. 6 Products.

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