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TIM Technique Video and Face Chart

Eye with text

TIM™ Makeup Technique Step By Step Instruction


Felt Tip Liner - Hold the pen horizontally. Then rest the tip on your lashes and press it into the seam between your eyelid and lash line. Draw a very thin line from one corner of your eye to the other.

Matte Shadow - Use the Sable Angle Brush to “dot and drag” shadow over the Felt Tip Liner line.

TIM face chart


Mineral Sheer Tint - Use the Stipple Brush to apply sheer tint to your face and neck. Place 1-2 pumps of product on end of brush and deposit on forehead, cheeks, jaw, and neck using a stipple motion, then go back and use a sweeping motion to blend.


Use the Kabuki Brush to apply Contour Bronzing Powder:

  • Sweep the Kabuki Brush into the Contour Bronzing Powder and blend the powder into the brush by pressing it into your wrist or a tissue.
  • Apply the powder to the corners of your forehead using a circular motion and blend into your hairline.
  • Position the brush so the bristles are on and below your cheekbone. Apply the powder by following a straight line in from the middle of your ear toward your nose.
  • Lastly, apply the powder under your jawbone and on your neck.


Apply Lipstain and let dry, then apply Luxury Lip Gloss.