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TIM Makeup - This Is Me!

TIM is an acronym for This Is Me!

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry run by people who only care about the bottom line.
They don't care about how we feel.

Those messages are there to convince us that we need fixing and without their products, we’re not good enough.

TIM was created to show us who we were born to be free of any outside interference whether it be our own families' ideas of who they want us to be or advertisers pushing the latest trends.

It’s not about the makeup

TIM Makeup isn’t for just anyone.
It’s for EVERYONE who would like to connect with their soul's essence.

At TIM Makeup Company it is our daily practice to first connect with ourselves.

Only then can we hold your hand and lead the way.
The way to be you.
TIM is about connecting with you.

The TIM™ Movement – It’s about how you FEEL

It’s time for all of us to get into our hearts and out of our heads. And be there to support each other along the way. It’s about building up not breaking down. Defining not concealing. Realizing our own uniqueness and celebrating ourselves and everyone every day. Feeling the Love within.

Love of Self happens organically when we realize our Heart and Soul Self, the place where beauty within resides.

TIM came into being to bring us back to our real selves, our souls.

The essence and energy of TIM brings women into their own power, their heart center.

Where we can begin to feel the compassion and Love of Self.

TIM was created to show you how to give definition to your features so that when you see yourSelf with the TIM techniques and products, you’ll discover the gateway to your higher Self, the spark of the Divine that resides within you and comes through the definition of your face and eyes. For you to see your real self in real time. Imagine seeing this Self every time you look in the mirror or at a photo of you.

Natural. Modern. Minimalistic.

See why women are saying Wow when they experience TIM for the 1st time! It’s only 4Steps, it can be done in 5Minutes and it’s only 6Products.

Diane's heartfelt testimony in which she shares why she loves TIM. Get your tissues ready. And feel her happiness.

TIM is for all ages and a wide range of skin tones.
4 Steps. 5 Minutes. 6 Products.

We use the same products, the same techniques on everyone. Only three tone variations for Step 2, Tinted Moisturizer. It’s easy to find the right color with just three choices: FairGlow, NaturalGlow, and SunGlow (Light, Medium, and Deep).

From fair skin-tone to light brown skin-tone. From teen to ageless. TIM is for everyone.

The TIM Makeup Kit

4 Steps. 5 Minutes. 6 Products.

Or begin one step at a time.

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