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Brow Diva Brow Wax and Duo Angle Brush

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Brow Diva’s eyebrow wax is specially formulated for those with sparse eyebrows. Our eyebrow wax has a creamy, light texture that is highly pigmented and provides a natural look. It is smudge-proof and water-resistant and lasts throughout the day.

Furthermore, our smudge-proof formulation ensures your brows will look perfect for the entire day!

This product is Cruelty-Free.

The Brow Diva Eyebrow Duo Angle Brush is the perfect brush for creating the perfect brow. The soft, angled flat brush side deposits the Brow Brow Wax smoothly creating the illusion of a naturally full brow. While the spoolie side can be used to blend for a flawless finish.

How To Apply Brow Diva Brow Wax with Duo Angle Brush

Using your Brow Diva Duo Angle brush apply a very small amount of the brow wax on the brush, blend the wax into the back of your hand or a tissue. It’s important to remember less is more. It just takes a little bit of wax to fill in the whole brow. To lighten and/or blend lightly brush the brow with the spoolie end of the brush. Once the wax dries it is smudge-proof, life-proof and sweat-proof. It lasts all day!

Brow Diva Brow Wax is available in 8 shades: 

  • Jane – Blonde/Warm. A perfect color for Blondes who have a hard time finding a brow powder light enough for them.
  • Katharine – Soft Brown/Warm Light-Medium Brown. A perfect color for Strawberry Blondes and light to medium warm Brunettes.
  • Sophia – Medium/Dark Warm Brown. Our best-selling color for dark warm Brunettes.
  • Marianne Soft, Cool Taupe.
  • Halle – Redhead. Perfect for natural redheads.
  • Lauren– Grey Light/Cool. A great color for women with gray hair.
  • Eva – Black Brown/Cool. Dark warm brow hair color.
  • Michelle – Black. Perfect for Jet Black or Salt and Pepper brow hair.