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A life changing moment for Deanna

Deanna Cahill TIM Makeup founder

“It’s a ritual” she said, a ritual of Self-Love.

As I began doing this ritual every morning, my life started to change in ways I never expected.

After just a short period of doing the TIM Technique ritual, I began to see my face in my bathroom mirror and for the very first time in my life (over 50 years) I said to myself,

“Wow, Deanna, you are beautiful!”

And it was right then and there I began being nicer, more gentle with myself. I found I was complimenting myself more often and treating me more like I treat others, and how I desired to be treated.

No more judging, no more criticizing, no more comparing myself to others. The negative self-talk began to fade away every time I connected with my inner Self.

Doing this ritual every day allowed space and time for just me.

I began to see my own inner beauty reflected back to me every time I looked in a mirror, and even in candid photographs. I began to smile at myself.

It was a feeling, a vibration.

The feeling was coming from deep within my being. A feeling of warmth and appreciation. A feeling of love of self, coming from deep within my soul.

This was It! This is what I had been searching for my entire life! This vibe was an unfamiliar feeling, I thought. But I liked it, I liked it a lot. This is what I had been searching for my entire life! The feeling of unconditional Love.

The final gift that I was ready to receive was bestowed upon me. A simple, quick and easy makeup technique that showed the real Me.

The first time I saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror after just waking from a good night’s sleep, bare faced, I looked into my own eyes and thought, “Wow, You really are beautiful.”

It was a moment I will never forget.

The feeling washed over me at that moment. It felt like a soft, warm blanket had fallen from the space above me and gently wrapped around my entire body. To me it felt like pure Self-Love.

This was the Gift! A gift I gave mySelf.

How can we expect anyone to Love us if we did not Love and Appreciate ourselves?

It begins with us.

It’s a feeling.

It takes only 5 minutes a day to connect with our inner being, our inner knowing of who we really are.

Who we were born to be.

Our Power center.

Pure Love.

The feeling is priceless.

And now, with the TIM ritual, you can begin to connect with yourself daily, first thing in the morning.

Be nice. Be patient.

Most of all, be loving to yourself each and every moment every day.

That’s where the Magic lies.



PS. Will you send me a quick message at when you begin your own journey of self love? I would love to hear from you <3

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