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A short story about the birth of TIM Makeup

Deborah Netti TIM Makeup founder

The confidence I have in my abilities (gifts) and ideas come from the feeling I get every time a new client looks at her reflection after I have shown her the TIM technique and I see the sparkle in her eyes as she sees herself, maybe for the first time, as Beautiful.

I feel elated that a God/HigherSelf/Universe given gift I have can transform the way a woman sees herself. TIM came through me, directly from God.

With a background in drawing portraits, I have been teaching women my makeup techniques since 1987. At the time, Deanna and I were the only makeup artists (and the only cosmetic company) I knew of showing women how to use makeup to bring out their features — not cover them, or fix them, or try to create something they were not.

We taught women how to give definition to their features.

How to define eyes, lips, cheekbones (yes, we all have cheekbones!) and jawlines so that when a woman looked in the mirror, it was she, the woman she was born to be, looking back.

Fast forward to 2017, after having taught our techniques to tens of thousands of women, I reached a point in life where I was seeking simplicity and minimalism and I realized there were just four makeup techniques that made the biggest difference on our faces.

And so, through trial and error, TIM was born.

I began introducing my brow clients to TIM over a two year period of testing the products and techniques.

During that time, I procured the best products and systems of application and decided it was time to brand it.

I taught it to Deanna, and as you read in her email last week, her experience was transformational.

Not only was she on board, but she wanted to share it with the world!

She wanted every woman to experience the feeling TIM gave her.

Deanna felt beautiful every time she saw her reflection. And, after only a few months of doing the TIM ritual, she could see her beauty without makeup.

“What are we going to name it?” she asked.

“Makeup Over 40 would be a good name,” I said.

I had even created a few logo designs. Deanna and I went back and forth on the name, but nothing seemed to click.

In hindsight, thank God we listened to our intuitions.

We soon discovered that our technique was ageless — these techniques and products worked for all women and girls.

Soon after that discussion, one night as I was saying my prayers of gratitude, I asked God, “What are we to name our company?”

Then I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning as I was waking up I had a vision: T.I.M. This Is Me.

I exclaimed, “That’s it! That is the name of our new cosmetic company!”

I immediately FaceTimed Deanna and showed her the name I had written on a piece of paper.

“TIM? Why would we name a cosmetic company a man’s name?” she asked.

I then showed her the written words:

This Is Me.

TIM is an acronym for THIS IS ME!

“Perfect!” she said.

And that was how TIM came to be.

It is our purpose and mission to take the hands of our sisters into the depths of their souls to reconnect with who they really are... their AUTHENTIC Selves.

Will you please share your transformational stories with us?

You can email us at

I want to personally welcome you to our TIM community, where every woman is beautiful and knows it.

A community where we are all one.

Discovering who we were born to be and sharing our stories of transformation.


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