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Beautiful makeup In just 5 minutes

Beautiful makeup In just 5 minutes

In today’s world, we all seem to be busier than ever! In the rush to get out the door in time to get to work or get your kids to school, taking the time to put on your makeup can drop off your list of priorities. Knowing how precious every minute of your morning is, we are excited to let you know that doing your makeup doesn’t need to take you more than 5 minutes and have it last all day!

Fun fact: Deanna applies her makeup before her 6 am exercise class and can attest that it is even “Barre” proof!

We know how precious every moment of your morning is. At TIM™ Makeup Co. we like to think of the 5 minutes we spend each morning putting our makeup on as a ritual to focus on preparing ourselves for the day ahead; both mentally and physically. You deserve to feel beautiful every day and the TIM™ Makeup Technique is designed to help you achieve this feeling in just 5 minutes!

Before you start each day, we encourage you to sit down, take a few moments and decide how you are going to present yourself to the world - your beautiful self! And when you take that special time, you will notice how every time you catch a glimpse of your reflection throughout the day, you’ll smile at how pretty and vibrant you look.

What is the TIM™ Technique?

4 Steps

With her background as a portrait artist, our founder, Deborah, discovered that there are just 4 simple makeup techniques that have the biggest impact on the facial appearance. The TIM™ Makeup Technique focuses on highlighting and defining your eyes, face, bone structure, and lips. Learn more about our 4 steps.

5 Minutes

Here is what some of our clients are saying before they learn the TIM™ Technique:

“I don’t wear makeup because it takes too much time!”

“I put on makeup every day, and it take me 20 minutes, how is it possible to do it in less than 5?!”

And after they learn the TIM™ Technique, they tell us:

“Learning the TIM Technique has shortened my morning routine by 30 minutes!”

“Even if I oversleep, I know that I can take 5 minutes for my makeup!”

When we tell them that with only 6 products and 4 steps, you can do your makeup in 5 minutes or less, women like you don’t believe us at first! But once you learn and practice the 4 simple makeup application steps, you CAN DO IT. You will be astounded at how quick and simple applying makeup can be!

6 Products

Are you frustrated by the endless amount of makeup products there are to choose from? Our TIM™ Technique was developed to help you eliminate the need for a drawer full of makeup you hardly ever touch! Once you learn our technique, you will see you no longer need more than 6 products to complete your makeup routine.

Using the TIM™ Makeup Products or the products you already have at home, all you need to complete the TIM™ Makeup Technique are:

  1. Black felt-tipped eyeliner
  2. Black eye shadow
  3. Tinted moisturizer
  4. Bronzing powder
  5. Lip stain (bright color)
  6. Lip gloss (neutral color to add shine)

Did you know our TIM™ Makeup Kit is universal? The same colors look great on everyone from pale to light brown!

Experience The TIM™ Makeup Technique For Yourself

We hope you are excited to learn how quick and simple makeup can be and invite you to try doing the TIM™ Makeup Technique in just 5 minutes!

Nancy’s TIM Story

“Usually pictures showing the "before" and "after" effects of a particular product show first a sour looking individual followed by one where the individual is radiant.  The photos of those using the TIM™ products showed a wide variety of women of all ages, skin types, and hair color… how refreshing! It was one of the reasons why I chose to purchase the TIM™ Kit. The makeup looks natural and I've received so many compliments about the way I look. I'm not usually one to write a letter endorsing a product but in this case TIM™ makeup is the exception.”


Join the #ThisIsMe movement!

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